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The Village

Looking to connect more deeply with other Babbling Babes? Join The Village. An off-social media, inclusive community for moms. The Village is a safe place to get to know moms in a no-pressure way outside of Gatherings, share wisdom and local insight, and plan meet-ups in your area on your own. 

What's included in The Village?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join The Village? 

The Babbling Babes have created a safe, off social media space to connect to other local moms in the area without getting sucked into the social media energy drain or playing the "who texts who first" game. This is a community created to connect more moms together online and in person in the community. 

What is the commitment for The Village? 

For only $5 a month, or $55 annually, you get exclusive access to The Village. You can cancel your membership at anytime. 

Where does my $5 a month go? 

It goes towards an off-social media platform to connect, helps support our planning efforts to bring your more Gatherings, and sponsors moms in the area who can't afford memberships. 

Do I have to be a member to be attend a Gathering? 

No! All Gatherings are open to the public. Members of The Village will get first access to events. 

Can my membership be refunded? 

At this time we do not offer membership refunds for monthly or yearly packages. 

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